Saturday, May 23, 2015

Astrology Decoded: Are astrology predictions really correct.

Here is the difference between science and pesudoscience:

In television, we can find many TV programs that talk about astrology i.e. predict your future etc. based upon the date of birth.
Most of us even today, especially our parents and family believe in astrology, whenever marriages are fixed, or whenever you plan to build a house etc.

Many of intellectuals will argue that astrology is science. I was reading the article such as where it says astrology is 50% science and 50% mystic and give some scientific explanation to it.

But let me define what science is.
Oxford Dictionary defines science as “Knowledge about structure and behavior of the natural and physical world, based on the facts that you can prove, for example by experiments”

More detailed explanation would be:

So science first relies on observation or collecting the data, same as astrology is doing.  So what is the data in astrology:
It takes account of the date of birth.  Then its calculates the planetary positions with some set of rules and generate some other data. So far so good.

But now comes the catch:
Taking these data to predict (i.e. future). But do we test it like any other scientific method whether the prediction is correct or not. I think no. We just blindly believe on the astrologers saying.

Here I would give some predictions or suggestions given by the astrologer:

So conversation starts like this.
A person comes to the astrologer talks about his problem.
1) My husband business is not going well, give some solutions?
2) I lost my Rs. 30,000 mobile phone in the bus. Guruji please help me in finding it.
3) My son is poor in education, not getting a job, what shall I do.
Then astrologer will ask the date of birth, name, birthplace etc. and then say something about planetary positions like Sani, Rahu, Ketu, Sukra etc.
After that astrologer will start giving suggestions such as:
According to your husband kundalini,  some of his friend/ family members is creating hindrance in the business. Or it's likely that one of the employees in your business is unfaithful.

So, look at these statements, is he really predicting something or just predicting something that is likely to happen. “Some of his friends is creating hindrance” : It's a likely statement, most of the time parents and friends don't believe in your business plan, so what great thing he is talking about. Also, there is a chance that one of the employees is unfaithful, we can't trust everyone.

Then he gives some nonsense solutions or sometimes logical solutions.
The nonsense solution would be wearing a Ruby ring in your hand.
A logical solution would be invest money properly in the market and pay attention to the cash flow.

Can they predict something concrete? I completely doubt. Even if they predict something concrete e.g. you will die at this time, this place, I completely sure it would be false in 99.9% of the time. I am leaving 0.1% because there is always a chance to come something true based on statistics.

Please leave a comment based on your experiences with astrology.

My suggestions to the NEWS channels and Govt would be to stop promoting such astrological claims.
If they believe in astrology, then prove it.

Here is more precise definition of science verses pseudoscience