Sunday, June 7, 2015

Speak out to bring change...

Speak and reward people who speaks right, who do right.
Speak and troll people and specially criticize them who speaks nuisance and illogical, and people who do wrong (specially applicable to policy makers such as politicians and people who control us. )

Have you ever compared between human and chimpanzee. Why humans are more intelligent than chimpanzee? You may say we have a better brain than chimpanzee. But is this a real fact. Chimpanzee can't speak, so they don't pass their information from one generation to another. But we do it. We pass our information for one generation to another.

So I request people to share information, share your ideas. It can be through social networks, or through tweeter, quora, blog etc. But before sharing or speaking out publicly we need to be little thoughtful by doing some research.

Please hear this ted talk and especially its comments:

Specially comment by Utku Mun:

Do we have free will?

I strongly disagree on the existence of free will, we can only choose terminate our conciousness freely, all other actions and choices we take are bound to physical principles, you choose to eat because you are hungry or because it's stimulation is overpowering, you choose to piss because of bladder etc, without this reward mechanism, this reasoning, this set of laws, don't think humans can make any kind of choice.