Monday, April 13, 2015

News Channel and Politicians: Please stop discussion on Religion

News Channel and Politicians: Please stop discussion on Religion

Here are some of the true facts:

We all are evolved from a common ancestor. Nature don't give us tag of any religion or caste. We tag it. When a child is born we say them, that you belong to this religion otherwise, the child will never know what's religion is.
The fact is we all are born different from each other. We have all different kind of DNA, which we all know that is used for forensic science to catch the culprit. (Except the Siamese twins, who have the same set of DNA, even they become different after birth because of environmental factors)
Don't we learn anything from the Film like PK. Have we lost our thinking power. Are we just a rote learning machine.

If not then why such discussions. Please work for the improvement of all. I request news channel and political parties, don't ever raise the name of religion or caste.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Education System in India and How it can be improved in scientific perspective?

Education System in India and How it can be improved in scientific perspective?

Even if we have right for education act, in which children have the right to compulsory education, but one of the thing missing is right for quality education. One of the biggest flaws in our country is there is very less quality education available to the students. And the conditions are same for primary as well as higher education.

So what is quality education and how the students are taught now in schools and colleges?

Some of the flaws in Indian Education System.

1) The education system I am aware of and what I feel is only 1 out of 7 teachers give quality education to their student.

2) In India, students are taught only to secure good marks and that is the only motto of students and teachers.

3) Students are scared of teachers.

Students are not free to ask questions to their teachers. Sometimes I feel, student-teacher relationship is like slave and master. Maybe this is a bit harsh statement but for it, I feel our cultural and religious belief system comes to play. Teachers feel that they should be respected and they become harsh to their students. But in order to maintain a healthy relationship between student and teachers, there should be understanding between them, this can be achieved by love and friendship, not by forcefully making them scared.
Whenever students ask a question they are usually discouraged by laughing at their question because for them its silly. But in reality no question is silly. It's silly because teachers/or any human being either don't know the answer or take everything for granted. But instead of discouraging them can't we say that we don't the answer. This won't decrease the credibility of the teacher.

4) Inferiority complex among the students who score low or average grades

In our education system, most teachers don't treat the students same way as others.
We have to realise that we all are born different. We all have a different genome. So as our brain works differently.  Some may have greater strengths than others. But the good thing we all have tendency to learn and secure good marks.
They have to know how our brain works and how the subject should be taught so that even a low-grade student can understand the things.

Here I have collected a MOOCs called Learning How to Learn:
Page on

5) Most of the education are memory based, so as the question paper in our exam.
Most teachers think that those who can memorize more are good students as they can secure good marks.

I will give an example of an Indian student studying aboard and written his views:
“Once a question was given to me, and I have done some calculation wrong, but still teacher gave me full marks. When I asked the reason, the teacher replied that even if your calculation is wrong, your approach to the problem is correct. Calculations can be double checked e.g through calculator, but if the approach is wrong you can never find the answer ”
But do we expect this by a usual indian teacher? I think no. They are pretty obsessed with computation.

Take another example of programming.
I don't remember all the exact syntax of the programming code. That doesn't make be a bad programmer. Because I know how to apply logic and also know how to use the programming code. Syntax can be available from the google or books, but logic to build something new, won't be available.

So how our quality of education system can be improved?

In order to improve our education system, we should improve our teachers thinking and style of teaching.

Here are some of my views:

1) There should be an all India entrance exam for all teachers even for the private education system, in order to become a teacher. The entrance should be logical/analytical based, multiple choice questions, not just memory based. One of the exam in India is CSIR NET

2) Teachers should be aware of how our brain works. They should be taught based on the latest and proven scientific research. They should also be taught about child psychology again based on the latest and proven scientific research.

3) And entrance exam should also contain logical/analytical questions about psychology and brain research, how will they approach, when a student behaves in some way.

4) In some way teachers are paid less, also, they are treated as a low-quality job when compared to other jobs. This should not happen.

5) Similarly,
Exam pattern for the student should give much more preference to logical/analytic part, that allows them to think in order to solve a problem, not just mugging up and vomiting on the exam day.

6) One last thing I would add about primary education, government school should have same syllabus that of CBSE or ICSE. I know this will bring controversies because now love for mother tongue will arise. But believe me, it has humongous benefits. First, as the teacher will be selected by entrance exam we will get quality teachers. Then the result will be middle-class family will prefer their students to send to the government school. This will finally lead to interactions of poor with the middle class or rich. This will also decrease the disparity between poor and rich. Because poor will understand the living style of rich, also rich will have some emotional attachment to them.
In today's race in India, the middle-class family is not really interacting with poor. They always want to stay away from them.  About those who will bring controversies, I can bet that even they say, they love their mother tongue, they don't send their children to the government school, instead send their child to good international school. So why this hypocrisy. Poor has also right to get the quality education like you. Poor can't think for their good, does not mean you will take benefit of it and mislead them.

7) Important subjects like science, mathematics, economics, social studies book should be in English in the case of primary education. But instructions can be in both local language and English.
What will be the benefit of it?
Benefits are huge. As students e.g. 7th and above can understand and write English, they will get exposure from not only India as a whole country but also all over the world. Imagine, highly qualified Ph.D. faculties from the different discipline in India or all over the world will come for summer training to coach, our students, and also our local teachers or to make us aware of their latest technology. Students will also know the use of the internet, can learn from different MOOCs.

Is this practical in the present system? Of course, it's a big NO.