Sunday, June 7, 2015

Do we have free will? Speak out to bring change...

Speak and reward people who speaks right, who do right.
Speak and criticize (constructive criticism) people, by saying what you dislike about them, what is the solution, who speaks nuisance and illogical, and people who do wrong (especially applicable to policy makers such as politicians and people who control us. )

Have you ever compared between human and chimpanzee? Why are humans more intelligent than a chimpanzee? You may say we have a better brain than a chimpanzee. But is this a real fact. Chimpanzee can't speak, so they don't pass their information from one generation to another. But we do it. We pass our information from one generation to another.

So I request people to share information, share your ideas. It can be through social networks, or through tweeter, quora, blog etc. But before sharing or speaking out publicly we need to be little thoughtful by doing some research.

Please hear this ted talk "What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?" and especially its comments:

Especially comment by Utku Mun:

Do we have free will?

I strongly disagree on the existence of free will, we can only choose to terminate our consciousness freely, all other actions and choices we take are bound to physical principles, you choose to eat because you are hungry or because it's stimulation is overpowering, you choose to piss because of bladder etc, without this reward mechanism, this reasoning, this set of laws, don't think humans can make any kind of choice.

Discussion by me on "What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?"

Will computers surpass human?
Before saying that we should first define intelligence. What intelligence actually is?
I would say that intelligence in simplest form is making decisions from a given data. And I am saying it based upon mechanism of the cell, that is signal transduction or cell signaling. Do all human have the same intelligence? Of course not. A child has not same intelligence as an adult. I am not saying that child is less intelligent that an adult. Even child can make some important and meaningful decisions that adult can't do. Are we more intelligent than chimpanzees? Think again to say yes. Chimpanzees have more short term memory and can decide more quickly a threat than us.
Take also the intelligence of human based upon time. Do humans before 100 years have the same intelligence as of now. Chimpanzees don't increase their intelligence with time because they don't pass the information from generation to generation. Now even computer exceeds intelligence in many ways.
I would say that intelligence is based on the data we give and the way it will process. It can be only said that computer will make the process faster because of its speed.
So in order to control intelligence, we should train the data (reward and punishment) in a positive manner, not as destructive way.

(Decision I mean good and useful decisions. If someone does not make a good and useful decisions we say him/her an idiot.)

Before saying about super intelligent, we have to define intelligence first. Is it physical? Yes, it is. In our brain so many decisions are made (e.g. cell signaling or opening or closing of ion channels) to reach a final decision. And someone makes a smart decision (may be harmful or good) only if it has data in it and it has been trained to make a type of decision. So in order to make a village idiot to Albert Einstein in a day, we need to feed data to it. It just reshuffles and interconverts and pass through many logic gates to imagine or produce new useful information or decisions. The way reshuffling and interconversion or intermediate logic decisions are done depend upon past training or experiences (Reward and punishment mechanism). So in order to control AI we have to do two things:
1) First, don't feed them with data. A village idiot will never become Albert Einstein if you don't give him the data even if they have the same brain.
2) Second don't train AI to misused. It addresses the values you are talking about. Don't train it to make harmful decisions that are bad for humanity.

And the final note: we don't have free will neither AI will have even.

Discussion on youtube video "Do we have free will"

I don't think making a choice is non-physical. The choice is made based upon the information we carried due to evolution (e.g removing the hand from fire) and information that we have due to given environment (choosing to drink water or apple juice). Because of our complexity we think we have free will. If making choices are non-physical then what would you say to the choices made by a present robot (e.g. passing a hindrance etc.)