Monday, September 14, 2015

Shouldn't there be a new method to calculate popularity of programs and channels in media?

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The popularity of programs is based upon TRP, which is based on the number of views. But the TRP does not work, media make use of human psychology to bring content that is bullshit but can increase the curiosity of people, so that people watch it, even if they are psychologically and morally harmed by watching it.

The reason is best described in this article: Deepak Mehta's answer to Why does the Indian media promote pseudo-scientific disciplines like astrology, past life regression, other superstitions and bogus conspiracy theories?

If the popularity of programs would be based on feedback, then I think media will be changed drastically.

Popularity should not be only directly proportional to no. of likes (i.e. no. of views or TRPs) but also, should be inversely proportional to dislikes. Also, there should be a website where people can give feedback to the programs, such as in youtube.

Also, can we provide feedback through a set top box? Is it possible to make a set top box that takes account of feedback?